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How to Add Sophisticated Pops of Color to Your Wedding

How to Add Sophisticated Pops of Color to Your Wedding

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In 2022 we are seeing more couples incorporate color into their wedding, even in the luxury space where traditionally the palettes are more muted.  Adding pops of color to your wedding without making it feel cheap can be tricky, so I’ve compiled some tips for any couples who would like to add color to their wedding in a sophisticated way.


Keep It Seasonal

You likely chose the season of your wedding for a few different reasons; the weather, the availability, and the color palette. While there’s nothing wrong with hosting a wedding with bright colors in the winter, it will be a lot harder to find hot pink flowers in-season in January. Sticking to pastel shades in the spring and jewel tones in the winter will keep your wedding feeling classy and prevent your decor from feeling out of place. And don’t forget to choose a few neutrals to add to your palette – whether that’s a crisp clean white in the summer or warm taupes during the fall.


You can incorporate your color scheme into your wedding day starting with the moment you send out Save the Dates. Including your wedding colors in your stationery is a great way to set the mood for your wedding, and provides beautiful details for your photographer to use to include your wedding colors in your flat lay wedding photos.


Incorporate Colors into your Wedding Party

Having your wedding party wear color may seem like an obvious choice, but there are so many ways to elevate this for your luxury wedding. One of my favorite recent trends is having bridesmaids in an array of colors in your palette. Luxury color palettes have so many more than one or two colors, and having bridesmaids in coordinating – but not matching – colors adds so much depth to your wedding photos! And don’t forget the men – ditch a traditional black or grey suit for a royal blue or a muted blush color.


Table Settings

Your wedding decor, especially the table settings, is a crucial spot to incorporate your colors without over-saturating. I would always recommend a neutral base for your tables, whether that’s a wooden tabletop or a neutral-colored table cloth. Sprinkle in your wedding palette with colorful napkins, centerpieces, and even vintage glassware! Limiting the use of your color scheme in these spaces is what helps to keep your wedding feeling refined and luxurious.



Florals are another place where colors can go from interesting to overwhelming very quickly. Talk to your florist about making sure that all of your pieces feel balanced. Including greenery and neutral-colored flowers is a great way to balance some gorgeous statement flowers in your chosen colors. Be sure to look at your florist’s portfolio and past work to see if they have experience working with bright colors in a luxurious setting.

Colorful Cultural Traditions

One of my favorite ways that I’ve seen my couples include colors in their luxury weddings has been with their cultural traditions. Whether that’s a Tea Ceremony or a Sangeet, so many cultures have special ceremonies with distinct color palettes. Using color in such a meaningful way adds so much to your wedding photos, and is a great way to pay homage to your family and heritage.


Sometimes less is more when it comes to incorporating colors into your luxury wedding day. Choosing your palette carefully and weaving it throughout your day in meaningful ways will guarantee that your wedding remains sophisticated while still being unique and colorful.


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