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"Summertime - where the days are long and the sunshine never ends. Colorful flower gardens with lush greens overflow with abundance. Inspired by the warmth and sunshine, we paired soft butter-yellow roses with dusty pink blooms and accented our garden inspiration with bright yellow mimosa, sure to set your heart aflutter."



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The owner said it best 

"Expert editorial photography capturing your special moments with the grace of a magazine spread - that's the experience of working with Christopher."

"Christopher's expert eye and attention to detail made our wedding day look like it came straight out of a magazine. It's no wonder our wedding was featured in Florists Review - Christopher's talent is truly unmatched."

My Thoughts and Feelings ...

As a Salt Lake City wedding photographer, I had the delightful opportunity to capture a bridal editorial inspired by the Amangiri resort in Southern Utah and the endless sunshine of summertime. Our muse, a beautiful Asian bride, embodied the warmth and natural beauty of Utah in ivory and warm yellow gowns from the renowned Bitsy Bridal boutique.

The editorial, set at the Orchid Dynasty floral design shop, featured breathtaking arrangements created by the talented Shelly, the shop's owner. She crafted a vibrant flower garden overflowing with lush greens, soft butter-yellow roses, dusty pink blooms, and bright yellow mimosa accents. The harmonious blend of colors and textures brought to life our vision of warm summer days and the enchanting Utah landscape.

Shelly's exceptional eye for design and color, along with her kind and endearing nature, made collaborating with her a dream come true. Her passion for her craft shone through in every floral detail, elevating the editorial and creating a captivating visual experience.

In my photography, I strive to achieve an elevated reality, making each image look and feel true to the subjects while infusing a touch of film-style magic. This approach allowed me to showcase the bride's natural beauty and grace, while the luxurious gowns from Bitsy Bridal provided the perfect complement to our sun-kissed theme.

Throughout the shoot, I focused on capturing the essence of a perfect summer day, blending the radiant warmth of the sun with the enchanting allure of Utah's natural wonders. The result was a stunning collection of images that celebrate love and the joy of a beautiful wedding celebration.

In conclusion, this breathtaking bridal editorial at the Orchid Dynasty floral design shop, featuring exquisite gowns from Bitsy Bridal, is a testament to the artistry and vision of a dedicated Salt Lake City wedding photographer. Embracing the natural beauty of Utah and the endless warmth of summertime, this editorial captures the essence of a radiant bride on her special day.

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