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Story Behind the Moments

Gina and Ford's love story, deeply rooted in faith and a shared commitment to kindness, found its most picturesque chapter in Bend, Oregon, at the stunning Black Butte Ranch. Their bond, a beacon of shared values and dreams, was celebrated amidst the serene beauty of the Pacific Northwest, making their wedding a testament to the region's allure for couples seeking a mix of natural elegance and meaningful connections.

Choosing Bend, Oregon, for their autumn wedding reflected their adventurous spirits and desire for a setting as tranquil and beautiful as their relationship. The breathtaking fall scenery and rustic elegance of Black Butte Ranch provided a canvas for their vows, echoing their journey of love and shared mission to make a positive impact.

As Gina and Ford danced under the stars, their celebration became a symbol of their future together — a future promising continued exploration, dreams, and contributions to the world, all underpinned by their unwavering faith and love. Their story not only highlights the charm of Bend, Oregon weddings but also inspires couples dreaming of a day where natural beauty meets deep, personal significance.


from the bride & Groom:

Chris's lens didn't just capture moments; it captured our story, turning each snapshot into a timeless treasure.

Having Chris as the second shooter at our wedding was incredible. His keen eye for candid moments and artistic touch perfectly complemented RP Imagery, enhancing our photography experience. Chris captured our day with warmth and authenticity, leaving us with cherished memories. We're truly grateful for the beautiful work and heartfelt dedication he brought to our special day.

- Ford, the Groom